Allergy-Friendly Bakeries in the Metro DC Area

Read below for our continually updated list of allergy-friendly bakeries in the DC metro area. ————————————-   With all the end-of-school, summer birthday, last sports...

Sesame: The 9th Food Allergen?

Many people realize the seriousness of living with some of the top food allergens like peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish. But few are aware of the challenges of living with the fastest growing allergen: sesame seeds. Here's what it's like to manage a food allergies outside of the well-know, well-labelled "Top 8."

Vote for Your Favorites! Best of 2016

Let me know what foods your family loves and I'll share our collective favorites. Maybe you'll suggest a new product to another food allergy family - or maybe you'll find a new favorite yourself!