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Allergy, shmallergy! Living safely with food allergies doesn’t slow us down and I hope this blog makes it easier for you and your family as well!

I am a mother of a severely food allergic child.  My son first reacted to milk at six months of age and was officially diagnosed with a wide array of food allergies by fifteen months. As someone who never had allergies, I was overwhelmed.  Throughout my pregnancy I had imagined that we’d one day make cookies together, maybe sneak in a bite of pizza.  But with milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanut, tree nut, sesame seed allergies (nevermind his allergy to my two dogs!), those dreams felt dashed.  I mourned the loss of these ideas for exactly one afternoon, until my husband snapped me out of it, reminding me that there MUST be a way around all of it.

My husband’s voice of reason echoed in my head and I soon began researching and speaking with other parents.  It took time, but we figured out that way around – a way that works for our family.  My personal philosophy on food allergies was born out of necessity:  Not only did the allergies mean that I had to look out for our son physically, but I was worried about him psychologically.  I wanted him to understand the dangers of his allergies and take them seriously, but not live in fear of the world around him.

It was important to me that he didn’t feel “different” because he had food allergies.  We underscore the fact that everyone’s body is unique;  his just can’t have certain foods. So, he and I are vigilant about keeping safe, but we shrug it off when he can’t eat something.

 Founder Allergy Strong

Founder Allergy Strong