My son was invited to a birthday party at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse.  What a great idea!  But with dairy, egg, sesame seed, peanut and tree nut-allergies, we always have a bit of homework to do before we can party down.   I contacted the hosts as well as the Drafthouse and found out the following:

  • The popcorn is dairy and nut-free.
  • The pizza is sesame-free and nut-free and made on the premises.  (And, delicious!)
  • All other menu items may/may not be cross-contaminated with nuts according to their catering people, so they recommend that an individual with a severe nut allergy stay away from other menu items to be safe.

I was pleased with their quick response to my questions and even more so when my son checked the safety of the popcorn for himself with the server who knew the answer off-hand.


The party hosts made a last-minute change to their own menus and offered safe candy to all of the partygoers in lieu of the chocolate bars they had planned to serve, making my son’s day.


In fact, as he relaxed in his comfy swivel chair, munching on popcorn, with pizza being served to him and a container full of safe candy to his right, he declared, “This is the best day of my LIFE!”

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