Cupid’s Arrows: Valentine’s Day Fruit Kabobs


Valentine’s Day is one of a variety of food-centric holidays that can be difficult for kids (and adults!) with food allergies. With the abundance of milk chocolate, this makes Valentine’s Day a particularly tricky one for my dairy allergic son.

This year, I’m getting creative (and healthier!) by making my boys an edible Cupid’s Arrow. They already loved this test version. And, if you’re planning a Valentine’s Day party for the classroom, this is certainly an easy, allergy-friendly way to include everyone. And that’s always a “dew” in my book (honeydew, that is!).

You’ll need:
Fruit solid enough to be skewered
Preferably short Bamboo skewers
Small heart-shaped cookie cutters

1. Thinly slice your favorite sturdy fruit (we used melon, but I would think you could use apples, pears, pineapple, etc if you preferred).


2. Take the cookie cutter and cut out the hearts.


3. Thread fruit onto the skewers and serve!


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