With only three more days until Halloween, I can barely contain my excitement.  I love getting creative with safe Halloween food for our annual Trick-or-Treating party.


In addition to the seasonal pumpkin seeds (see recipes for The Classic and Salty Sweet here) as well as the Skull and Crossbones Jello Bites, I also included a savory Black Bat Chip and Vampire Salsa Dip.  Sometimes, festive is all about presentation!




But my favorite treat of all were my peanut-free, tree nut-free, sesame-free, dairy-free Marshmallow Dippers.  True, these could be made for any occasion.  In fact, because we liked them so much, I may make them for ALL future occasions!  And, they couldn’t be easier.


Fun & Festive Marshmallow Dippers from Allergy Shmallergy

Fun & Festive Marshmallow Dippers



Large sized marshmallows
Coffee Stirrers
Dairy-free chocolate chips
crushed graham crackers
crushed salted pretzels
crushed oreos
coconut flakes


Prepare marshmallows by inserting coffee stirrers into one end until almost through the other end.  Place your preferred topping or toppings in a shallow dish.


Place 1/2 cup of chocolate chips in a glass bowl and microwave on high for 30 seconds.  Stir and microwave again for 30 more seconds.  Stir and continue as needed until the chocolate chips are melted.


Dip the lower half or third of marshmallow skewers into chocolate to coat.  You may find it easier to twirl the marshmallow in the bowl of a spoon filled with chocolate.  Immediately dip each chocolate covered marshmallow into your topping of choice.  Place on foiled covered tray.  Repeat with remaining marshmallows.  Once complete, place marshmallows in the freezer to set.




These were so incredibly good!  My 8 year old loved the colorful, sprinkled varieties.  My personal favorite was the pretzel covered.  My husband loved “The Reverse S’more” – the chocolate dipped marshmallow covered in graham cracker crumbs.  We’re planning on making these again on Halloween using orange-colored frosting instead of chocolate to suit my oldest son’s taste buds.  It’s clear that these are going to become a new obsession for us.



I want to see photos of your Halloween table and hear about all the safe snacks you come up with!  Please leave a comment or shoot me an email with photos!  Happy Halloween everyone!



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