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Celebrating a birthday or special event at the Capital Grille has always guaranteed a delicious meal and a wonderful time.  But dining there with a FA child would be another adventure.


Here’s the skinny:

  • The wait staff were clearly well trained about food allergies and seemed well informed about how their menu items were prepared.
  • The easy thing about dining at the Capital Grille is the mainly a la carte menu.
  • The steaks are all seasoned (nut-free, dairy-free) and delicious and, having ordered the very smallest one they had, was more than enough to split between my two boys.
  • The sides appeared tricky at first:  none of the potato sides would work for my dairy-allergic son.  When I mentioned this, the waiter offered to make him regular french fries instead.
  • The fries are fried in soybean oil.
  • For a delicious dairy-free dessert, they offer fruit sorbets.  And, I’m certain you could order just berries.


  • The bread basket contains bread with sesame seeds.  For us, that’s a no-go.
  • Their calamari is battered in only flour (not with egg).  It is amazing (and a little spicy)!  My son was excited to be able to partake in an appetizer.
  • The green beans, which heretofore were merely sauteed in olive oil, are now served with butter.  Many of their side dishes appear to be dairy-based.  But, as mentioned above, the Capital Grille staff seem to be very willing to make reasonable accommodations for allergic patrons.

The staff were fabulous and attentive ensuring that everyone (right down to those of us who could show our age on one hand) enjoyed our meals.  In short, we’re already looking for another excuse to go back!

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