I’ve just been alerted that Silk Soy Milk has begun adding a disclaimer noting that their milk “May contain Almond and Coconut.”   Well, isn’t that special.


Don’t freak out!  If you’ve given your child Silk and he/she hasn’t reacted, everything is still okay.


Moving forward, there’s no need to despair either!  There are many brands which are widely available that don’t contain tree nuts.  Store bought brands are usually a safe bet.  And my allergist’s nurse recommended Costco’s brand Kirkland, noting that it’s delicious and creamy like regular milk (apparently, Silk has a kind of gritty texture to it).  Kirkland comes in Vanilla flavor for those who prefer it.


***This serves as a great reminder that we should regularly review the ingredient list of even our go-to safe foods BEFORE we put it in our carts.  Also, remember to register with FAAN to get allergy recall updates via email.***


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