As the mother of a child with a (now-former) dairy allergy and of two still picky, non-dairy eating boys, I worry about their calcium intake.  But, I can’t force them to like yogurt or drink regular milk when it tastes foreign and evokes mixed emotions from my FA son.


Children between 4-8 yrs old require approximately 800 mg of calcium per day while pre-teens and teens require 1300 mg (adults, you need 1000 if you’re under 50 and not pregnant).


So, how else can you sneak calcium into their diets:


Alternate Milks and Drinks:

Calcium Fortified Orange Juice     8 oz     350

Calcium-Fortified Soy Milk      1 cup     300

Calcium-Fortified Rice Milk    1 cup     300


Non-Dairy Refrigerator Items:

Soy Yogurt      6 oz      300

Tofu     4 oz       240-400


Dark Leafy Greens:

Edamame, soybeans cooked     1 cup    175

Kale, cooked      1/2 cup     103

Broccoli, cooked     1/2 cup     47



English Muffin     one     100

Waffle, frozen toasted     one    81

Corn tortilla w/calcium (who knew?!)     one     60


Don’t forget that when you add black beans, tahini (**if you’re not allergic to sesame seeds**), oatmeal, calcium enriched cereal or Nesquick into the mix you up your calcium intake as well.


Now go out and keep those bones strong!



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