This post is about PF Chang’s restaurant and the way they handled our gluten-free requests.  As a bit of background,  I’m going gluten-free this week at the suggestion of a few doctors to determine if a gluten intolerance is a trigger for my incessant migraines.  Coping with this change has been interesting and challenging (and it’s only Day 2!).


I was relieved to learn that PF Chang’s has a gluten-free menu that could satisfy my week-long hankering for Chinese food.


Here’s the skinny:

  • The Gluten-Free Menu offers several dishes from each part of the menu – including dessert – making it easy to find something I liked.


  • We ordered our meal take-out.  Speaking to the waiter, I was pleasantly surprised with how attentive they were to my perceived allergy/intolerance.  I began by ordering some gluten-free dishes for myself and continued on to order regular meals and appetizers for my other four dining guests.  He was quick to point out that their meals were NOT gluten-free and asked if I still wanted them or wanted to switch them with gluten-free alternatives.


  • Our regular-menu Mu Shu Pork showed up without plum sauce or pancakes (a simple mistake?  Or, did they make it gluten-free without asking?).  Either way, it looked funny and didn’t taste right.


  • The gluten-free dishes were so-so.  The Gluten-Free Lettuce Wraps lacked some flavor.  The Gluten-Free Chang’s Spicy Chicken didn’t resemble General Tso’s chicken as described.  And, the sauce from the Gluten-Free Monogolian Beef was less viscous than its regular counterpart.


In summary, while the taste left a little to be desired, PF Chang’s handled our requests VERY well.  And, all in all, it satisfied my craving sufficiently.


PF Chang’s Menu (check out their Gluten-Free selection)

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