My sister-in-law read about a clever new app called ScanAvert ($1.99 per month) which aims at helping people read ingredient lists.  We’d begin by entering in my son’s food allergies.  By scanning the barcode of a grocery item, ScanAlert warns you if the item contains a particular allergen.  This app also offers substitutes, allergy recall information, pharmacy, and GF information in addition to listing ingredients.  By its own description, ScanAvert could be useful not only for the FA, but also for the diet and nutrition conscience, and individuals who diabetic, pregnant, or otherwise following a restricted diet.


I may give this a try as a back-up system.  It’s easy to miss one ingredient in a list written in fine print.  However, it feels funny to try a barcode scan to tell me if something is safe for my child.  But, maybe that’s because he’s severely allergic to several allergens and not merely sensitive.  I would definitely rely on this if I were using it for nutrition and other non-life threatening situations.


Has anyone ever used this app?  Would you?



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