Here’s another review in favor of Sunbutter.  I had resisted buying Sunbutter, the peanut-free peanut butter made from sunflower seeds.  I had a reservation about introducing my peanut allergic son to Sunbutter and worried that he would have an impossible time distinguishing it from real peanut butter outside our house.  Let’s face it:  it generally isn’t served outside of a peanut-free house and I was concerned that this might set him up for disaster.


But recently I concluded that he’s old enough to know that this is special allergy-free spread.  And, I was craving peanut butter as a healthy (ish) snack alternative with apples and celery.  If Sunbutter worked as a substitute, at a minimum my husband and I could enjoy it!


And, I will say, we are split in our feelings about it.  I absolutely LOVE it!  It tastes almost exactly like peanut butter to me — so much so that I originally felt guilty about having it!  It is unbelievably nut-free, but you’d never know.  And, I suspect this would be perfect for baking as well – a very exciting prospect!


In the interest of balance, my husband wasn’t as enthusiastic about it.   Bummer.


That said, I would highly recommend it for a peanut-free household.  You may wish, as I did, to consider the unintended consequences of introducing a substitute peanut butter and weigh them against your child’s age, understanding of his/her allergy, responsibility levels, etc.  But I would also suggest any family dealing with nut-free restrictions consider Sunbutter – it is perfect for lunches at nut-free schools, camps and playdates.  And, it’s quite a treat for us non-allergic parents and siblings who don’t get to indulge in peanut butter very often.

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