Managing Food Allergies In the Snow

Our family loves wintertime and winter sports – skiing, sledding, ice skating, you name it. My son has multiple food allergies, so we always carry epinephrine auto-injectors with us, even in the cold, and we make sure they are safe and secure.

Epinephrine must be kept at room temperature in order for the medication to remain effective...

Food Allergies and Family – Disagreements Not Break-Ups

I hear stories all the time from food allergy parents that their family members aren't taking their child's food allergy seriously. And, this - of course - can have serious implications...

Pizza Hut – Again.

I can't believe I'm writing about Pizza Hut - again. But here I am.

At this point in time/education, at their size, there's no excuse for not having their act together when it comes to food allergies. And yet...

The Beauty of Hampton Creek Mayo (and Bang Bang Chicken)

The Beauty of Hampton Creek Mayo (and Bang Bang Chicken)

Just Mayo Sriracha caught my eye. And why wouldn't it! I decided to create a recipe as an excuse to use it. Thus, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Sesame-Free, Nut-Free Bang Bang Chicken was born!

Milk Alternatives -Best of the Best

Getting the proper amount of calcium is a tough job for those with a dairy allergy. There are many ways to incorporate dairy into your diet (see How to Get Enough Calcium When You're Dairy-Free), but a nutritionist recently told me that the best way to get calcium is to drink it. And, sometimes you just want something cold and delicious to pour on cereal. So here's a list of the best products among milk alternatives...

Holiday Houses and Candied Cheer

Living with food allergies can be crazy. Especially during the holidays. These gingerbread, Chanukah houses and other treats are such an easy way for my kids to feel included in the fun. And, we ALL love setting out a treat like nut-free candy canes knowing that anyone that walks through our door can enjoy them - safely and with confidence...

No-Brainer: Support a Bill to Place Stock Epinephrine on Airlines

My food allergy colleague and the brains behind No Nut Traveler, Lianne Mandelbaum, has helped introduce a bill to place stock epinephrine on airlines and train airline personnel on the symptoms on anaphylaxis and how to administer autoinjectors.

This is a safety measure that just makes sense.

An in-flight food allergy reaction is frightening and can be deadly. It's a situation that our family has experienced first hand. My father-in-law DISCOVERED he was anaphylactic to shrimp (at age 40) on a transcontinental flight... read more

A Little More Halloween Magic with The Switch Witch

Let's face it: candy makes Halloween magical for most kids. As a kid, when else do your parents let you go out after dark and collect candy from your neighbors? It's heaven!

Unless you have food allergies. And then it's fraught with danger and uncertainty.

Enter The Switch Witch...

Play Ball! How to Root for Your Home Team With a Peanut Allergy

Concession stands are always tricky if you have a food allergy. When my son was younger, we were shocked at how few options there were at stadiums and how little people there knew about what they were serving. When asked a question, they didn't even know how to GET more information. But these days, stadiums are doing a lot better on behalf of their food allergic and celiac customers...Read more.