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Lift Lines and EpiPens: Skiing with Food Allergies

Lift Lines and EpiPens: Skiing with Food Allergies

When my food allergic son was old enough, my husband (an avid skier) was ready to enroll him in ski school. But the idea of trying to manage food issues on a ski vacation seemed challenging.

I can happily tell you that we’ve had a lot of success on the slopes. Here are some tips I’ve learned over the past few years...

Play Ball! How to Root for Your Home Team With a Peanut Allergy

Concession stands are always tricky if you have a food allergy. When my son was younger, we were shocked at how few options there were at stadiums and how little people there knew about what they were serving. When asked a question, they didn't even know how to GET more information. But these days, stadiums are doing a lot better on behalf of their food allergic and celiac customers...Read more.

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