'Tis the Season: 504 Plans

Fall and the start of school seem far away - I mean, who can think about going back to school when summer is just around the corner?! That said, many of you are now sitting in front of a pile of forms thinking about 504 Plans for your children for next fall. What is a 504 Plan, do I need one for my child and how do you even begin to complete it?

Milk Alternatives -Best of the Best

Getting the proper amount of calcium is a tough job for those with a dairy allergy. There are many ways to incorporate dairy into your diet (see How to Get Enough Calcium When You're Dairy-Free), but a nutritionist recently told me that the best way to get calcium is to drink it. And, sometimes you just want something cold and delicious to pour on cereal. So here's a list of the best products among milk alternatives...

A Look Ahead:  A Summary of Teens and Food Allergies

A Look Ahead: A Summary of Teens and Food Allergies

Do you all remember being a teenager? How many ill thought out decisions did you make? My oldest child will be a teen before I know it and he'll be faced with choices of his own. The only way he'll grow is to make mistakes, I know. But when food allergies are a part of your life, small mistakes could be costly...