Vote for Your Favorites! Best of 2016

Let me know what foods your family loves and I'll share our collective favorites. Maybe you'll suggest a new product to another food allergy family - or maybe you'll find a new favorite yourself!

Milk Alternatives -Best of the Best

Getting the proper amount of calcium is a tough job for those with a dairy allergy. There are many ways to incorporate dairy into your diet (see How to Get Enough Calcium When You're Dairy-Free), but a nutritionist recently told me that the best way to get calcium is to drink it. And, sometimes you just want something cold and delicious to pour on cereal. So here's a list of the best products among milk alternatives...

PhillySwirl: Dessert for Everyone!

Who doesn't like something cold and sweet on a hot summer day (or in my case, everyday)?! But it can be hard to find desserts that are safe for those with food allergies. Nuts, dairy and gluten trip us up not only in the bakery aisle, but can be a cross-contamination risk even for simple concoctions like popsicles.

Enter: PhillySwirl. Almost everything in their product line is dairy and gluten-free making them ...

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