Girl Scout Cookies Allergen Reference

Girl Scout Cookies Allergen Reference

I did a little research in the hopes that it helps you all make good decisions and allows you to support your local Brownies and Girl Scouts...

Pizza Hut – Again.

I can't believe I'm writing about Pizza Hut - again. But here I am.

At this point in time/education, at their size, there's no excuse for not having their act together when it comes to food allergies. And yet...

A Look Ahead:  A Summary of Teens and Food Allergies

A Look Ahead: A Summary of Teens and Food Allergies

Do you all remember being a teenager? How many ill thought out decisions did you make? My oldest child will be a teen before I know it and he'll be faced with choices of his own. The only way he'll grow is to make mistakes, I know. But when food allergies are a part of your life, small mistakes could be costly...

No-Brainer: Support a Bill to Place Stock Epinephrine on Airlines

My food allergy colleague and the brains behind No Nut Traveler, Lianne Mandelbaum, has helped introduce a bill to place stock epinephrine on airlines and train airline personnel on the symptoms on anaphylaxis and how to administer autoinjectors.

This is a safety measure that just makes sense.

An in-flight food allergy reaction is frightening and can be deadly. It's a situation that our family has experienced first hand. My father-in-law DISCOVERED he was anaphylactic to shrimp (at age 40) on a transcontinental flight... read more