Allergy-Friendly Bakeries in the Metro DC Area

Read below for our continually updated list of allergy-friendly bakeries in the DC metro area. ————————————-   With all the end-of-school, summer birthday, last sports...

Vote for Your Favorites! Best of 2016

Let me know what foods your family loves and I'll share our collective favorites. Maybe you'll suggest a new product to another food allergy family - or maybe you'll find a new favorite yourself!

'Tis the Season: 504 Plans

Fall and the start of school seem far away - I mean, who can think about going back to school when summer is just around the corner?! That said, many of you are now sitting in front of a pile of forms thinking about 504 Plans for your children for next fall. What is a 504 Plan, do I need one for my child and how do you even begin to complete it?

Girl Scout Cookies Allergen Reference

Girl Scout Cookies Allergen Reference

I did a little research in the hopes that it helps you all make good decisions and allows you to support your local Brownies and Girl Scouts...

Skiing Mount Snow:  A Food Allergy Review

Skiing Mount Snow: A Food Allergy Review

...We had SUCH a great experience there, I wanted to pass along a few *specific* points of information for those of you thinking about going....

Lift Lines and EpiPens: Skiing with Food Allergies

Lift Lines and EpiPens: Skiing with Food Allergies

When my food allergic son was old enough, my husband (an avid skier) was ready to enroll him in ski school. But the idea of trying to manage food issues on a ski vacation seemed challenging.

I can happily tell you that we’ve had a lot of success on the slopes. Here are some tips I’ve learned over the past few years...

Holiday Houses and Candied Cheer

Living with food allergies can be crazy. Especially during the holidays. These gingerbread, Chanukah houses and other treats are such an easy way for my kids to feel included in the fun. And, we ALL love setting out a treat like nut-free candy canes knowing that anyone that walks through our door can enjoy them - safely and with confidence...

A Look Ahead:  A Summary of Teens and Food Allergies

A Look Ahead: A Summary of Teens and Food Allergies

Do you all remember being a teenager? How many ill thought out decisions did you make? My oldest child will be a teen before I know it and he'll be faced with choices of his own. The only way he'll grow is to make mistakes, I know. But when food allergies are a part of your life, small mistakes could be costly...

PhillySwirl: Dessert for Everyone!

Who doesn't like something cold and sweet on a hot summer day (or in my case, everyday)?! But it can be hard to find desserts that are safe for those with food allergies. Nuts, dairy and gluten trip us up not only in the bakery aisle, but can be a cross-contamination risk even for simple concoctions like popsicles.

Enter: PhillySwirl. Almost everything in their product line is dairy and gluten-free making them ...