Happy Halloween!


Trick-or-treating is upon us and no one in my house can wait another second.  So, before we head out tonight I will double check MY Trick-or-Treat bag to make sure I have everything we’ll need.


Today, my bag contains:


1.  My son’s Emergency On-the-Go Kit (Allergy Shmallergy’s Emergency On-the-Go Pack), including EpiPens, dissolvable Benadryl, and small scissors;


2.  Safe candy that can serve as a replacement for milk, egg, tree nut, and peanut (and sesame, if anyone offers that)-laden candy that he can’t have.  As you can imagine, there’s a lot of allergy-producing candy out there.  I try to keep allergen candy out of his bag to begin with by popping one of our safe alternatives into his bag at the front door of any house offering only unsafe treats.  Some of my safe alternatives include non-candy items like temporary tattoos, fake spiders, etc.

 3.  A cell phone.  In theory, for emergencies; but more likely to be used to send Halloween photos to my parents.


4.   An extra plastic bag for storing unsafe treats that inevitably wind up with my son.  I do try my best to keep the allergens away, but sometimes a few find their way into his treat bag.   I remove them as we walk from house to house and put them in another bag and usually pass them on to another parent.


5.  Flashlights and glow sticks.  Flashlights help me watch where I’m going; glow sticks let me watch where my kids are going.


Don’t forget to arm your FA child with language to politely refuse unsafe treats and remind them not to eat ANYTHING until you’ve made sure it’s safe at home.  I also review our family Halloween protocol with my kids which is:  if there isn’t a safe candy my son can choose, I will have one for him.  Never fear, safe treats are here!


At least, we’re well prepared and have a good plan for dealing with food allergies at Halloween.  Keeping up with my son will be the latest challenge we face this year.  (He’s almost 7 now and literally RUNS from house to house!  Better wear my running shoes!)


How do you prepare for trick-or-treating?

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