You’d have hardly known it was my mother’s birthday this weekend.  Except if you were at Tribeca Grill on Saturday night.  Upon entry to the restaurant, she inquired/announced to the hostesses (and everyone within earshot),  “Hello, we-have-a-reservation-at-7:30-it’s-my-BIRTHDAY!”


Not only was I overjoyed to be in NY celebrating with my mother,  but I was also pleased to see how Tribeca Grill handled food allergies.  Although my kids were back home in D.C. and I didn’t have to manage my family’s food allergy issues personally that night, other members of our party did.


I noticed right away their menu was sparingly dotted with asterisks, noting dishes that either contained nuts or nut oils.  A good start!  Someone at our table ordered a dish without sesame seeds.  When the dish arrived without sesame noodles, but sprinkled with sesame seeds the waiter became gravely concerned.  Of course it shouldn’t have come with the seeds in the first place.  But I was happy to see the seriousness with which the waiter surveyed the dish and his offer to immediately replace it.


For dessert, I noticed they offered a sorbet du jour — something to look forward to if you’re living dairy-free.


Tribeca Grill offers something for everyone and my meal, for one, was DE-LISH!   I can’t wait to go back!

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