When my girlfriends and I scheduled dinner during my gluten-free week, I thought it was perfect that we chose to go to Rio Grande in Arlington (now Uncle Julio’s).  How easy would it be to avoid the flour tortillas and order something delicious off their extensive menu?!  I was hungry already.


Hours before going, I called to verify that their addictive tortilla chips did not contain wheat flour (they don’t).  But in doing so, I learned there was VERY little I could order on their menu.  Turns out, my choices were:  salad with no dressing and few toppings, fajitas with no marinade or sides, cheese enchilada with cheese sauce (that’s right:  cheese on cheese) and a grilled vegetable platter (again with no sides).


I ordered the grilled vegetable platter at the urging of our waiter who clearly felt bad for me.  I wouldn’t recommend it.  The vegetables were overly spiced and just not that great.  Thank GOD for those tortilla chips and salsa!


In short, if you’re eating wheat and gluten-free, you might do better somewhere else.



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